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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Padang Trip - 'The' Shopping

As mentioned in my previous post, korang gi Padang carik kain sulam and telekung. Murah kate nyer, and please be aware that post ini adalah untuk kondem satu kedai made famous by a Malaysian blog. And that only one shop. Kalau korang Google 'kain sulam Bukittinggi Padang', this particular shop is most famous search result. And maybe because of that they are playing this price game, price semua displayed in RM okay. How bad it was ?? Enuf to made me made up my mind not to return to this city again.

Actually, my trip here to Padang is only for research. Nak survey harga, since my last trip to Jakarta they told me all those materials came in from Bukittinggi. I went to Pasar Atas first, but the price was ridiculous. Same shit, bukak harga 250k. When I said, ni kat Tanah Abang baru 200. Yg bukak harga 400k pun bole terus turun 200 lah. 

But this one guy dekat Pasar Atas offer a reasonable price. You should try check his booth. And this is definitely not the only shop I wanna condemn, this is the one I recommended.

So upon my failed hunting at Pasar Atas, I directly hire a cab to the most famous emboidery shop in Bukittinggi - Putri Minang. Determined to made my trip worth, I must go to these kind of individual shops. Since all the pasar's are too mainstream. 

So first I aim for kain sulam, and their price is beyond ridiculous. Lagi tak masuk akal dari Pasar Atas. Those old designs, aku dah beli dari 2011 they're selling for almost the same price I bought in Malaysia. Because of the ridiculous price, I just walk off the kain sulam area and went for telekung lah. And it was handled by 2 different girls both kain sulam and telekung, maybe you will know where I'm heading with this. 

When the kain sulam girl saw my selected items dah juta2, die bole dtg eh. Siap bawak contoh, 'kain sulam tak nak ke kak' ?? And again, I said NO NO NO. She tried to reduce the price. But still, lost my interest since the design was outdated. That's not the worst part.

So, during tawar menawar. The sales girl mcm biase la, 'akak ambik tiga saya bagi 280'. Aku bukan ambik 3 ok, aku ambik 5. Sampai kaunter, tokey tulis 330. Actually die nak kira in RM. I just say 'No, rupiah'. Then for another type, she said it's 39ringgit. He charged me 130k per piece, mintak 120 pun die tanak bagi. Actually it's not even 129k kalau convert, but that shop memang beyond limit. To that extend aku ckp kat mamat tulis receipt kat kaunter tu, 'just do whatever you want'. Argument was just waste of time at this point.

I was so mad, sampai aku campak lah duit tu. And you know what ?? Die bole nak bagi aku diskaun 50k. I seriously tell him this to his face, "No, I don't want your 50k. Take it". And I walked out. Sampai hotel driver taxi pun xberani nak paw because he saw me pissed earlier. This is not 'tabur pasir' dlm periuk nasik sesiapa, please. This is about 'customer always right', which in Putri Minang means 'customer have no rights'. 

So please, Putri Minang is not a best place to shop in Bukittinggi. I might be wrong, if you have a different experience please share your comment. So readers can justify. If you ask me ?? I will never retun back to this city. Seriously the price in Bandung is way cheaper. I requested the driver to take me back to the hotel, actually I wanted to go to Pasar Aur Kuning. But trust me, I had bad experience in 2 places. Why should I go to the third one.

Btw, the cab cost me 200k return. Siap tunggu la. That's why I advice you to take the private cab during the transfer from airport if you come in group. So you don't have to pay more for transportation because the individual shops are located half way from Padang Panjang to Bukittinggi. Jam Gadang & Pasar Atas is a walking distance within the Bukittinggi proximity. 

In my opinion, always compare the price they offered dgn range of price in Malaysia. Kalau kain sulam kat Malaysia bole beli RM80, buat ape susah2 pegi Padang for 250k ?? Same goes for the telekung, sampai 330k. Kat Malaysia pun bole dapat yg cantik RM180, tu harga Jalan TAR time raya kot.

And one more thing, they claimed the telekung 'Siti Khadijah'. I was imagining it was rejected batch of Siti Khadijah. Rupe nyer die copy Siti Khadijah punya head style so tak payah pakai anak tudung bagai, but with their design of embroidery and choice of material. 

Please share with me in the comment if you have a different experience. 

Padang Trip - Airport Transfer

Padang to Bukittinggi

Seperti yang digembar-gemburkan dalam internet & blog fashion, Bukittinggi Indonesia is sensational for their fine embroidery works particularly for kain pasang dan telekung. Makanya, berduyun2 lah umat Malaysia menyimpan angan dan impian untuk menjejakkan kaki ke bumi yg majoritinya Islam ini. Here's some travel tips for those who still living the dream, like the locals always said 'biar aman mbak'.

Upon arriving at the airport, just like other airports across Indonesia especially those already famous for tourist attraction just like Bali & Lombok. They are full of con men, wether the airport transfer of all kind - shared/private transfer or the boat transfer. They will be some local guys who will get commissions for getting customers for the drivers.

In my case, I was directed to the standard shared airport transfer and offered 60k for the transfer. Somehow the guy at the counter adviced me to go for a private taxi for 400k, reason being - "taksi nya langsung ke hotel mbak, kalau transfer nya lagi berhenti di bandar". So be firm, knows the option that serve best for your trip. Kalau pegi 3org tu, better ambik private cab je. Since they will bring you straight to shopping places, request pun bole. "Nanti nyinggah di kedai ini ya pak, kemudian ke sini". They will take you for lunch definitely, at your own cost of course 😆

When I said no to the private taxi, some other guy directly offered shared transfer for 75k and I immediately said yes. Kau ckp 'ok' je, they will grab your bag and tarik pegi kete which mostly will be couple hundreds meter away. So otw there, die ckp beg kau besar la. Bayar dua seat lah. Knowing these kind of things happened very often all around Indonesia, I strictly say "NO, 100k aja". And trust me, that is not rude at all. It was a negotiation 😆. 

Somehow, the driver buat muka. Suh tambah lagi 20k, jauh lah. Jem lah. So I was generous, since I just arrived at the airport. Bagi lah, 7ringgit je kot. So total damage for my airport transfer today is 120k, feeling dah worth it abis la tu. Sekali sampai hotel, I asked them to arrange for my transfer to the airport tomorrow afternoon and guess what ?? It will only cost me 80k.

Moral of the story: get to know roughly how much the airport tranfer will cost, it's better to book online or together with the hotel booking. And please, jangan nak berkira sangat beza 7ringgit.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Another Weird Dream

Not that weird actually, I saw my so called very recent ex doing his other gf ... Slightly before that he was with me ... So the moment I woke up, bukak insta and saw something about forgiveness ... But I refused, because I think he's being so mean ... Almost cost me another job, cut down all my connections ... My friends, my activities was all in a controlled numbers the moment I start spending time with him ...

So I was looking for a title that will match the situation, A Weird Dream catch my attention ... Really huh ?? Reading it back made me mad at myself ... Just like 2 years ago, I let things interrupt my career ... The exact word - 'Even when I'm barely knew them, then they ended up messing my work' ... And as far as I'm concerned, my work is the only thing I cared about ... Besides my family, and I do keep my job/get a better one to make them happy ...

Boifren ?? That is somebody I toss away in every 6 weeks ... At average, haih ... Often when it happened, I'll play victim ... We broke up on Tuesday, I go chop of my hair on Thursday ... On Friday, I got the urge to buy 'Why Men Marry Bitches' ... The first chapter already upsets me, masuk second chapter I'm already became annoyed ... Motif ?? It describe women mcm powerless, too stupid and only thinks about getting married ...

Every single thing the writer wrote about things girls do wrong, is actually what my ex been doing for the past 6 weeks ... He talks about commitment, he talks about 'my' biological clock ... He even talks about marriage, while I'm just there enjoying my freedom from my previous relationship ... Which traumatized enough, even when it's over its still haunting me ... And darling, that 5th June I mentioned, was figured out before you were considered ... You're just there filling the spot ...

This might sound like a cocky post to boast up my ego, but to me it's just a post to muhasabah diri ... This is what I've been doing since day one, I put myself down to be at their level ... Make them feel even, while I always have more than everyone else ... Yes, maybe I'm not as rich ... But I'm lot better in so many ways ... Education level, family ties ... My family can accommodate me anytime needed ... I live in the heart of damansara, not because my family is rich ... I have a lovely aunt who gave me a room, so I don't have to rent a room in Kampung Baru ...

I got a car which I accidently bought in 2013, at least that what I've been telling people about my imported car all these while ... Truth is ?? The hell bitch, I can freaking afford that ... My loan got approved at 1st try, no guarantor ... So why do I have to low down myself for anybody else's satisfaction ?? You have problem with my achievement ?? You gotta work bitch ... And guys, please go deal with your ego somewhere else ...

I will never put down any of my previous post upon someone else's order, that's my memory ... So its up to me if I wanna put it down, in the case of Amirul Haqim - I left my insta account on his phone ... So I can't argue on the outcome ... For now, if you can't deal with it ... Just walk away ... But I bet this is not you league anyway ... Something might just be lost in translation 😊

As I mentioned in my instagram, 'it doesn't matter how far we can go, knowing you is a blessing' ... It is blessing, now that I can finally stand up for myself ... Eliminates all the negative influences, making my life better for no one but myself ... And I'm just not the type who trash my ex, address them jantan tak guna whatsoever ... If they do me wrong, I learn from that ... If I do them wrong ?? Yeah, it's my bad ?? Hehe ... No regrets, there's nothing to loose ...

So what's the point of saying things out publicly ?? To make myself feel better ?? Not really, I wanna stop being so mean ... It is all my game since day one, as I mentioned earlier - I play victim ... The power is all on me, he's the one needed my attention ... That's why I left him two weeks ago ... Took all my things out ... Because I have all the right to choose ... Then I choose to left him again on Tuesday ... Then I gave him a taste of what my life have been without him on Saturday,  then I crushed him again on Sunday ...

Why ?? I can handle everything well ... I can deal with the fact he's out with the other gf watching movie, and salam cium tangan before I left ... But the other gf ?? I crushed her in less than 2hrs with my public instagram profile ... Because the power is all in my hand, I know how powerful my personality are ... And I know how crazy she went over social media ... For that I'm sorry ... I'm truly sorry, for her ...

I can move on at any time, I can move on on Thursday ... I can be completely move on on Saturday ... But I choose to bully them, I do one thing ... And she follows thru as I planned ... So I'm going to stop now ... Stop being so mean, because my pain is nothing compares to hers ... I can find another him, I can find someone better from him ... Whatever we did was hurtful enough, so I'll end everything here ...

So I blocked them both from seeing my pictures ... I hope it helped her stop the pain ...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Journey of bakebyheart: Blood, Sweat & Tears

Most of you might already knew that I have a good hand in baking, cupcakes is my specialty ... An engineer by profession, baking is my hobby ... I'm passionate about both, construction makes me excited about the future ... How it's going to be in 10 years, thrilled about learning new things ... New construction methods & new development projects around the country ... Baking made me happy when I deliver good food to people around me ... Amirul will be doped whenever I send him a box of cupcakes, my little brother can finish 10 pieces from a batch I bake ... & of course my tray/tupperware licin bile bawak pegi office ... That will make me happy by end of the day walaupun xtido tunggu the batter to be finish baked ...

I got this idea when I first visit my friend's booth for KL Calling at Rasta TTDI one fine Sunday ... The concept was - extra activity on weekends, which is baking & start being rich ... So I spent 1k ++ of my salary on May on ingredients for hundreds of cupcakes ... That includes the fee I paid to join the weekend bazaar by sohobazaar ... Please do, follow them kalau anda mahu berjinak2 dgn dunia perniagaan ... Reason been - mostly kite bukan lah anak tan sri yg bole campak 20k over Sunday morning chit chat dgn pesanan, "Nah, gi buat modal meniaga ... Bisness elok2, xcukup bagitau" ...

I baked over 200 cupcakes excitedly for my 1st project ... 1st day, syahdu ... Tade org dtg, vendors lain ckp sebab cuti skolah ... Org tade kat KL ... 2nd day xputus harapan lagi, baked another 2batches of carrot cupcakes ... Result - lagi syahdu dr day 1 ... But adik cherry bagi support, quote "Try, try & try again" ... Then I joined another weekend bazaar in June, same jugak end result die ... Syahdu ... Tahap ape kesyahduan itu ?? Modal tapak pun xdpt balik - yes, that's true ... Base on true story, bukan fiction ...

Kalau korang tanye my opinion, I'll say buat research before you jump into anything ... Research the market place, research the organiser ... Do ask vendors ni, how was the crowd ... How much they're willing to spend, some vendors xkisah to share how much they can get over the weekend ... So just ask, you will never know unless u try ... Bukan lah nak kondem organiser, but masing2 jage periuk nasik masing2 ... Kalau awak rugi, that's totally ur problem ... So check ur organiser, bape banyak die punyer followers ... That's very important sebab nak tarik crowd, nak tau how powerful they are in making people come to their event ...

For example, biler dorang buat event carboot sale kat Istana Negara ... Ade Nora Danish bagai turun 'sendiri' jual karipap ... Itu prove organizer tu power bole convinced Nora Danish jual karipap kat event die ... Bukan acah2 promote artis ini dan itu will be there dekat ur event ... Tapi instagram clearly updet artis tersebut kat oversea, & hanya makcik die dtg tunggu booth ... Jgn tipu vendors dan ur followers begitu ... Xbaik ... Confusing people with insufficient information ...

I'm not saying that instagram followers xmembantu ape2, but work the math with me guys ... Example - awak nak beli baju ala2 padini inspired ni online ... Online rm40 + sepuluh ringgit delivery ... Awak duduk sungai buloh ... Tibe2 this weekend vendor tu join bazaar kat The Strand, Kota Damansara ... Sila pilih antara dua jawapan di bawah utk most likely conversation antara anda dan yg tersayang pagi2 buta hari sabtu itu:
A: "B, kite pegi the strand lah ... I nak beli baju yg I tunjuk kat u dlm insta smalam"
B: "Sayang kite pegi Curve je lah senang, I nak beli karipap ikea pastu kite gi tgk wayang" ... Dgn pantas anda jawap ok ...
*B seharus nya panggilan kepada c bf, & sayang itu adalah anda - perempuan literally ~

Paham tak ape yg cuba saya sampai kan ?? Or I lost you in the above paragraph ?? Hehe ... My point is - bazaar bukan lah pilihan ideal utk golongan muda remaja meluangkan masa bersama rakan sebaya di hujung minggu ... It's always cheer me up when I can put together a proper malay sentence dramatically, lol ... Sila relate kepada pesanan saya dlm paragraph ke-empat tadi ... Research your target market ... Location bazaar adalah crucial & credibility organiser anda penting utk draw people to your location xkesah ceruk mana pun ia ...

Penah satu hari ni, sebijik cupcakes pun xjual ... Itu sgt lah menduka cita kan, because it's not about the money ... Tapi anda akan down, sebab penat dtg setup bagai ... Like for me, frust wooo satu mlm tak tido godek cupcakes ... Sebab tu before pegi bazaar, pegi makan nasik lemak kat the village park ... So when I went back tired in the afternoon, ade one thing to cherish by the end of the day ...

I'm broke like hell now, but no regret ... I will never know if I never try, I won't be able to share this with you guys if I'm not willing to take the risk ... Rite now still have the courage to fight, lepas raye ni sambung berjuang ... Tapi expectation will be different, no more trays & boxes of cupcakes ... Each flavor will bake 1batch only ... I'll bait for bigger fish ... Go large on marketing & advertising, not expecting the crowd to buy boxes of cupcakes ... But to order later, bigger amount of course ...

This is my journey, even makan nasik dgn sayur & kentang everyday sebab takut tak cukup duit for chicken or ikan kicap ... Even kene jerit, "brape sen lah untung u buat cupcakes", even people call you riak for having dream ... This is my baby, yg rugi itu saya ... Yang sampai rumah 8pm sebab takde duit nak bayar toll itu saya ... Yg tak servis itu kereta saya, so be it ... I don't mind if u walk away from me now, kalau awak nak ludah muka saya sekali pun ... Saya harap kalau Tuhan mudah kan jalan saya satu hari nanti, & hopefully saya tak lupa dr mana semua tu dtg ...

I'll be sharing my experience from time to time, for you out there - if u're passionate about something, break a leg ... Take the risk, but don't forget to be smart ... A friend I know recently spent 30k on his business, maybe there have to be another 29 months suffering for me ... May Allah bless me thru the way, insyaAllah ...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

BakebyHeart at Sunway Giza

Dear friend & readers, I'll be in Sunway Giza till late today ... Selling out my home made cupcakes ... Hari ni last day, before we go into long break for Ramadan & Aidilfitri ... Please do, notify to me at our booth for free cupcakes ... :D

#kalautakcuba #mcmmananaktahu #cupcakes #sunwaygiza #dtgdulubarucerita

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #2

#tioman #2014 #awesomeness #happykids #rayocino

Monday, December 2, 2013

Dewan SESB: Contact Person


Post ini khas untuk bride to be(s) / event planner yg gigih mencarik dewan untuk di sewa ... This issue are within things yg most hit kat my blog ... So I just figured it's necessary ... Since smalam baru je reply a few emails, hari ni ade org comment lagi ... Hopefully this will help ...

Should I remind you, dewan SESB ni antara yg paling hot kat KK ... So book cepat2 ... Nanti kempunan ... :D

Contact Person: Pn. Lily Tsen
Contact Number: 088-282273

Rate: RM 450/hr (Table & chairs included)
*min rental for 4hours.

Ni I share some picture tokeh maintenance SESB kawen hari tu ... HehehheheheheE ... Enjoice !!!

 Steady ~

Family, my parents bz plak kat depan ~

Makan Beradab -

 Ehhh, nak silat ??

Daddie ~

The mums ~

Mak Lang & Besan Mak ~

Reception Area ~

 Gegurls ~

Mak & our family friend - Raa ~

Gok, Angkol & makk ... Posing rempit, oh tidak !!!

Guest -  kazen2 ...

the aunties ...

From left - Pan Njang, Angkol, Mak Lang & Pak Uda
Standing - Mak Uda & Mak Njang

Ambek Berkat ~

Ehhh ??

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