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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Padang Trip - Airport Transfer

Padang to Bukittinggi

Seperti yang digembar-gemburkan dalam internet & blog fashion, Bukittinggi Indonesia is sensational for their fine embroidery works particularly for kain pasang dan telekung. Makanya, berduyun2 lah umat Malaysia menyimpan angan dan impian untuk menjejakkan kaki ke bumi yg majoritinya Islam ini. Here's some travel tips for those who still living the dream, like the locals always said 'biar aman mbak'.

Upon arriving at the airport, just like other airports across Indonesia especially those already famous for tourist attraction just like Bali & Lombok. They are full of con men, wether the airport transfer of all kind - shared/private transfer or the boat transfer. They will be some local guys who will get commissions for getting customers for the drivers.

In my case, I was directed to the standard shared airport transfer and offered 60k for the transfer. Somehow the guy at the counter adviced me to go for a private taxi for 400k, reason being - "taksi nya langsung ke hotel mbak, kalau transfer nya lagi berhenti di bandar". So be firm, knows the option that serve best for your trip. Kalau pegi 3org tu, better ambik private cab je. Since they will bring you straight to shopping places, request pun bole. "Nanti nyinggah di kedai ini ya pak, kemudian ke sini". They will take you for lunch definitely, at your own cost of course 😆

When I said no to the private taxi, some other guy directly offered shared transfer for 75k and I immediately said yes. Kau ckp 'ok' je, they will grab your bag and tarik pegi kete which mostly will be couple hundreds meter away. So otw there, die ckp beg kau besar la. Bayar dua seat lah. Knowing these kind of things happened very often all around Indonesia, I strictly say "NO, 100k aja". And trust me, that is not rude at all. It was a negotiation 😆. 

Somehow, the driver buat muka. Suh tambah lagi 20k, jauh lah. Jem lah. So I was generous, since I just arrived at the airport. Bagi lah, 7ringgit je kot. So total damage for my airport transfer today is 120k, feeling dah worth it abis la tu. Sekali sampai hotel, I asked them to arrange for my transfer to the airport tomorrow afternoon and guess what ?? It will only cost me 80k.

Moral of the story: get to know roughly how much the airport tranfer will cost, it's better to book online or together with the hotel booking. And please, jangan nak berkira sangat beza 7ringgit.


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